Sections of Queensmill

Section A, January 1979, both sides of Queensgate Road, including Queensgate Court, from Coalfield Road to the end of Queensmill.

Section B, June 1980 Castle Hollow Road including Castle Hollow Court and Castle Hollow Terrace.

Section C-1, May 1981, Kingscross Road (North of Queensgate Road) including Kingscross Court, and Royal Ridge Road

Section C-2 Kingscross Road, Castleway Road to and including Jenny’s Lane.

Section C-3 Castleway Road beyond Jenny’s Lane, inc1uding Lady Jean Court.

Section D, May 1982, Kingscross Road (South of Queensgate Road) to the Swimming Pool, and Lady Ashley house numbers 13501 to 13504.

Section E-l Paigewood to Prince William Drive plus all of Prince William Drive.

Section E-2 Shirlton Road and Paigewood Court.

Section F, May 1983, Lady Ashley Road from the Swimming Pool to a line between lots #8 and #9, house numbers 13212:13400.

Section G, February 1985, Kingscross Road from the Swimming Pool to Prince William Drive, including Brandenshire Court and a portion of Darrell Drive.

Section H, February 1986, Darrell Terrace.

Section I, Four (4) lots along Lady Ashley Road and three (3) lots, house numbers 13137:13209, before Cedar Crossing.

Section J, November 1986, Wesanne Road, Wesanne Terrace, Lauren Lane, Lauren Court, Lauren Circle and Lauren Place.

Section K, April 1988, Portion of Darrell Drive, Ableway Drive and Boggs Circle.

Section L, August 1992, Lots at the end of Darrell and Boggs Circle.

Queensmill North:

Section A, Dawnwood Court and Dawnwood Road house numbers 800 to 900.

Section B, March 1984, Dawnwood Terrace and Dawnwood Road house numbers greater than 900.