Civic Association

It is a major responsibility of QCA to keep Queensmill a very desirable place to live. We can only do that with your support. Dues are $50 annually, renewed each September.
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Dedicated to maintaining the beauty and quality of life in Queensmill

As part of the Queensmill Civic Association (QCA), we are here to help you feel at home within our community.  Your Queensmill dues allows QCA to provide the following services to the neighborhood:

  • Promote spirit of belonging to the Queensmill community
  • Be the official spokesperson for our community
  • Represent our community in matters coming under county jurisdiction
  • Be a course of communication for our neighborhood
  • Maintain high level of appearance and value of our neighborhood
  • Promote safety in our neighborhood and in the surrounding communities
  • Sponsor social functions including adult and children’s activities

As a QCA member you will receive the Queensmiller newsletter throughout the year.  We also publish a neighborhood directory once every two-three years.

Restrictive covenants and architectural standards

Queensmill homes are under restrictive convenants and county ordinances that must be followed.  Homeowners wishing to make changes to their property should submit plans need to the Building and Grounds Director of QCA for review and approval before the project is initiated and before permits are issued.

Queensmill Restrictive Convenants

Queensmill Modification Request Form

Board Members

President Sean Sandridge 218-7500
Vice President Katie Williams  
Secretary  Erin Conmy  
Treasurer George Strack 379-1281
Beautifcation Nina Connell  
Building & Grounds Terri Wemple  405-1810
Civic Marie Strack 379-1281
Directory Mike Talley 652-9937
Membership Mike Talley 652-9937
Queensmiller Bill Mason 794-8948
Security Dave Fisher 379-8212
Social (Children) Rachael Mancuso 571-217-1186
Social (Adult) Susan Johnson 897-4769
Welcoming Karen Fisher 378-0648